Trivium Packaging Buying Green Report

Delivering a digital-first report

Microsite design & build / Report production / Powerpoint

Trivium Packaging Buying Green Report

The Challenge

Trivium are a global leader in metal packaging production, and over the last few years they have partnered to research and report on consumer attitudes towards sustainable packaging. For 2023, there was an ambition to increase the profile of their Buying Green report, and engagement around the subject within the industry and with customers. Our task was to go from a new design for this year’s report, to production across a range of deliverables, and launch on World Earth Day, with just a 3-week window.

The Insight

Audience expectations from reports are evolving and meeting them increasingly requires more than print and/or PDF based reports available as a download. People are often time-poor and want to consume content in a non-linear fashion, dipping in and out, browsing, and following links. Our approach was to bring a digital-first solution to support the more traditional assets.


The Solution

They key was to offer modular content that worked for all audience needs, centred around a microsite developed via Webflow. It essentially delivered the full report as more immersive and ‘snackable’ content that could be browsed and explored. It brought a richer experience through animated graphics and parallax movement, that brought the report facts to life. This was designed and produced simultaneously alongside a multi-page PDF document and a PowerPoint deck for Commercial teams. It required efficient and seamless teamwork with both agency and marketing teams.

The Results

A hard deadline was hit across all deliverables on World Earth Day, with high press pick-up across industry media worldwide.

Buying Green Report 2023


In downloads compared to Buying Green Report 2022


“You were instrumental in helping us step-up this year’s report and we couldn’t have done it without your expertise, flexibility, and pragmatic approach. As always, it’s a pleasure to work with you – you are part of the team and like our brand purpose says ‘you contain what matters’.”

Ann Halvorsen / VP Global Communications

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