Convatec Wound Dressing Application Guides

Creating medical reality with movie SFX

Video Production

Convatec Wound Dressing Application Guides

The Challenge

Convatec are a medical company and leader in advanced wound dressings. As part of their healthcare professional, and patient, centric approach they were using new packaging design to help connect users to helpful how-to video guides on applying and removing dressings for a range of wound types. The challenge was to create a series of videos that showed a realistic experience, without being ‘real’.

The Insight

Convatec wanted to support clinicians with immersive hands-on videos that showed the intricate process of best practice for applying and changing dressings across many situations, from pressure sores to surgical wounds. Logistically, it would be near impossible to film actual patients, so how do you create medically accurate and authentic looking wounds and care? Our answer was to look to the amazingly realistic world of movie-making special effects (SFX).

The Solution

We commissioned leading SFX make-up artists to weave their magic by creating super realistic prosthetic wounds, which they then carefully applied to the patient models. Fake wounds that looked so real they made you wince, but without any of the real pain. Then, working closely with technical wound care consultants, we filmed real clinicians in our studio set-up treating patients exactly as they would in the real world. These are now providing a new level of support to Convatec customers around the world.

The Results


Hats off to the team for a great three days of video! I am still shocked at how realistic the wounds look.”

Chris Lindsay / Associate Director Global Marketing, Convatec

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