Aurobay ZEE animation

Imagining, and animating, the story of an alternative automotive future.

Animation / Design

Aurobay ZEE animation

The Challenge

Aurobay is an innovative powertrain engine manufacturer. As a spin out from Volvo Cars, the business has a clear vision to re-imagine motion through sustainable solutions that allow everyone to reach net-zero as soon as possible.

With a heritage in combustion engines, it knows the big challenge is convincing the world that electrification can’t be the only answer: globally, not all societies will be ready, and potentially there may not be enough raw materials.

That’s why they are developing the Zero Emission Engine: a combustion engine made from recycled materials and powered by biofuel, with the same emissions as an electric vehicle.

The Insight

Our brief was to help open eyes and minds to their concept. To find a simple and engaging way to explain the complex, to challenge the negative perceptions of ‘dirty’ combustion engines, and to show we need other ways to solve our future mobility needs.

Our insight was in the fact that few can imagine any other solution than electric vehicles, and few think it’s possible. If we can take people on a little journey, from ‘imagining’ an alternative, to realising it’s both needed and almost a reality, perhaps we can both inspire and position Aurobay as a trailblazer.


The Solution

Our solution was to develop an engaging narrative, built around the concept of ‘imagine if…’, and turn that into a short video animation. We wanted to take people on a journey, so we literally did just that, with a vehicle representation that moves through our story as it changes from the here and now, to where Aurobay can take us.

Stylistically, we created a pared-back, modern line style, with a nod to the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic of the brand identity. It also had to work across a range of final uses – from websites to large exhibitions and social media, both with and without a voice-over.

The Results

The project is relatively newly launched, but already Aurobay’s communication team have reported that audiences have instantly ‘got’ what the brand is all about.

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