What’s your background?

After studying graphic and media design I freelanced for a year, working in brand identity. Then I got a role at a London agency working on digital campaigns. It opened my eyes to working with big clients like Deliveroo and Sky. After three years I felt like I wanted to try a different kind of agency life and I found Embrace. I wanted to go somewhere I could actually do lots of research and really think about what I was doing, rather than just kind of striving to get the work done. I'm really enjoying the fact I've got the time to explore different things and try things creatively.

What does your role at Embrace involve?

I work as a designer on all sorts of projects, from initial concept all the way to final execution. One project is an internal client campaign and I’m helping unlock the internal objectives. We’re looking at how we can visualise that and give it an identity, and how it can become a heavy part of the comms and the internal culture of the company. It's interesting to be able to research, investigate the clients and investigate what they do and how they, how they operate. And I think it's really important, whatever kind of task you're doing, you need to make sure that you understand who you're doing it for. And not just the task at hand – you need to understand the company, and that helps evolve your ideas as well.

What's the best thing about your job?

Just being creative and having the space to be able to play around. There's a saying in design that it's really important to make mistakes. It’s good to be able to try something that's a bit out there, and not get too stressed if it goes wrong on the journey to getting it right. And you learn so much more that way as well – finding out what other people are doing, how they're doing it, and broadening your abilities and your skills.

Who would be on your list of dream dinner party guests?

Stephen Fry, because I think he's just a walking encyclopaedia, and I reckon he's got a wicked sense of humour. Prince is another one because I love his music, and I think he'd just be good fun. Also the Queen, because she was an amazing woman and I’d love to hear her stories about meeting other world leaders.

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation, because I would save a lot of time and money getting to work and would also mean I'd get more time in bed!

Name one item you couldn't live without

My Chilly’s water bottle. I literally bring it everywhere. A plastic bottle is just not the same.

Any side projects or other interests?

I did some pottery lessons last year that I really loved – it’s so relaxing! I love throwing and I’d like to do more hand building. Eventually I think when I'm retired, I'd love to have a shed at the back of my garden with a pottery studio.