We've sat down with Alex for this Q&A, where he fields our questions with a football flair and shares some thoughtful insights from his experience in financial services and marketing.

What excites you most about joining the Embrace team?

I'm thrilled to bring my playbook to a dynamic team that values creative strategies. Just like a football team preparing for a match, I'm eager to dive into projects where we can turn challenges into opportunities and make a significant impact.

As an avid football fan, which player’s style do you think your work ethic most resembles?

I’d say I’m a bit like Mark Noble of West Ham United—known for his resilience, adaptability and leadership. In design and marketing, like midfield, you need to be quick to react and anticipate the next move, ensuring alignment with client objectives while navigating an often challenging, changing landscape and strategy. 

What are some specific challenges that you see financial services firms facing in their marketing today?

Financial services firms grapple with building trust and ensuring clear, compliant messaging. Balancing eye-catching creative work with the necessary legal compliance has never been more important. I’ve always strived to craft clear communications that resonate and engage effectively without confusing the audience - but still grabbing their attention and cutting through. 

How do you plan to address these challenges and drive effective marketing strategies for our clients?

Understanding each client’s unique voice and audience is crucial. Aligning our strategies to not only reflect the brand’s identity but ensure consistency across channels in all campaigns is also paramount, all while blending creative flair with compliance to forge strong, trustworthy client relationships.  

From your perspective, what are some of the emerging trends that may impact marketing in financial services in the near future?

The shift towards data-driven marketing is pivotal. Analysing customer engagement and behaviour helps tailor precise campaigns that deliver results. Also, the growing importance of an enhanced digital presence can’t be overlooked, as more consumers move online for their financial needs, mirroring trends in sectors like retail and entertainment.   

What skills do you believe will be important for marketing professionals in financial services to thrive over the next five years?

Adaptability tops the list in my view, especially in a field as dynamic as marketing. The landscape can change rapidly just like a football season, and staying ahead means continually updating our strategies and learning from both successes and setbacks. I also believe that improving and deepening digital fluency will be incredibly important as technology continues to evolve.  

Finally, what personal and professional goals are you aiming to achieve in the next couple of years?

On the professional front, I aim to work on campaigns that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations, contributing to the creativity and outcomes in our agency. Personally, I’m looking forward to watching more football abroad - I have currently watched football in 11 different countries and aim to be on 15 by the end of next year!