AI and new technologies are driving new advertising formats that amplify messages through a whole new level of engagement. At Embrace, we are now able to create campaigns for our clients that  engage with audiences in dynamic and conversational ways. This is changing the nature of campaigns away from pushing products and towards opening personalised and relevant conversations, and amplifying content from social media.

Conversational ads 

Conversational ads allow for more personalized and engaging interactions with potential customers than static display ads. They allow users to engage with the brand in a more natural and interactive way, which can lead to better user engagement. The ads can take various forms, including chatbots, quizzes, surveys, or interactive videos, with the capacity to link to specific web pages or open data capture forms that integrate with CRM systems. 

Conversational ads can be a dynamic source of consumer insights with data on consumer behaviour, preferences, and intent.

AI has supercharged the potential for multi-channel conversational advertising and eCommerce. The user-interface of conversational display ads can look and feel like the messaging apps that consumers are so familiar with. Content is tailored to individual user preferences and can be ‘tuned’ to meet specific KPIs. The formats can be seamlessly integrated into any programmatic buy.

The ads gather zero-party / declared data and allow you to see how much time consumers actively engage with ad content before exiting. We can harvest insights that allow you to better understand target audiences, optimize campaigns, and enrich first-party data.

Social display ads

Social display ads are authentic recreations of social media posts configured to deliver in traditional banner placements, supporting programmatic campaign goals (awareness, prospecting, direct response). Many brands have adopted a social-first approach to content marketing. Social display ads allow brands to use this content combined with the efficiencies and scale of programmatic. They present opportunities to engage through likes, shares, mentions and so on, and audiences can opt in to rewards through direct messaging, including exclusive contents and discounts. 

Spaceback- Social Advertising

The future is social

At Cannes Lions last year, Jamie Elden, CRO of Shutterstock spoke about orienting attention on Gen Z, “the new generation aren’t interested in print, nor dot com websites, instead they are interacting on social media as their primary vehicle for communication. These audiences don’t look at the brand, they look at the story.” Advertising is evolving to suit these new behaviours. Rather than interrupting ‘normal programming’ it needs to become part of people’s on-platform experience, and an attractive prospect to engage with. 

The latest raft of innovative ad formats meet audiences where they are with elevated campaigns that spark conversations and interactions. Through deep data measurement, advertisers can better understand of the level of attention given to an ad, and the user’s content preferences and intent. All the while enriching first-party data that is so valuable in the privacy compliant age.

About Embrace

Embrace is a London-based digital creative agency that delivers substance, not just surface appeal. With a knack for getting closer to a business and its communication challenges, the agency discovers unexpected opportunities, and creates powerful ideas that take brands further. If you’d like to talk to us about conversational or social display advertising, do get in touch.