In the world of design and sustainability, partnerships that yield great results are something to celebrate. And we’re happy to report that our collaboration with Trivium Packaging on their Buying Green Report has garnered industry recognition while helping pave the way for a greener future. The report reveals what consumers think, value, and perceive when it comes to sustainable packaging, and this year’s offering stood out for its distinct visual design and interactive features.

The work won a Platinum dotCOMM Award in the Website Creativity / Web Design category. It's an international competition honouring excellence in web creativity and digital communication, judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

For this year’s report, the ambition was to increase its profile, and engagement with the industry and customers. We know that audiences are coming to expect more than print and/or PDF based reports, since they are often time-poor and want to consume content in a non-linear fashion, dipping in and out, browsing, and following links. So our approach was to bring a digital-first solution to support the more traditional assets.

We developed a microsite via Webflow, with modular content that worked for all audience needs. The full report was delivered more immersive, ‘snackable’ content that could be browsed and explored. Animated graphics and parallax movement, that brought the report facts to life, designed and produced simultaneously alongside a multi-page PDF document and a PowerPoint deck for Commercial teams. The great results came about through efficient and seamless teamwork with both agency and marketing teams.

Simon Davies, Embrace’s Managing Director, said: “Engaging information design is all about understanding what the data tells you then extracting and distilling what matters in a way that’s relevant. Trivium Packaging gave us a great head start by letting us into the project early, allowing us the opportunity to truly understand why what we’resaying is interesting. From that, the creative design seamlessly flowed”

Ann Halvorsen, Trivium’s VP of Global Communications, said: “Embrace were instrumental in helping us step up this year’s report and we couldn’t have done it without their expertise, flexibility and pragmatic approach.”

Trivium’ Buying Green Report is based on extensive consumer surveys exploring participants’ values and behaviours related to sustainable packaging, including their willingness to pay more for eco-friendly packaging. The data collected provides insight into consumer attitudes and behaviours around packaging sustainability in a changing world, including the impact of inflation.

View Trivium’s 2023 Buying Green Report here.