We’re delighted that our work for Trivium Packaging has been recognized with two separate awards for the effectiveness of its design. As a UK design agency, we were happy to see that across the pond, the Trivium Packaging website was a winner in this year’s American Digital Design Awards held by Graphic Design USA. And on top of that, it’s also a finalist in the B2B website of the year category at the Global Digital Excellence Awards.

A new player in sustainable packaging

Trivium Packaging is a global supplier of infinitely recyclable metal packaging for the world’s leading brands, with more than 60 locations worldwide. The result of a merger between existing businesses, Trivium is a new player in the sustainable packaging world, but one with heritage. The company needed a scalable and engaging web presence, so enlisted Embrace to design and build its new global website.

Telling the story of an industry trailblazer

As a brand agency, we were looking for key story elements to bring to the fore. The infinite recyclability and adaptability of metal packaging were subjects that grabbed our attention, but the story was being under told. The existing website did a functional job but did not position Trivium as the trailblazers that they are in the industry, nor help them showcase the possibilities of metal packaging. Bringing the packaging products to life was key – creating a connected story all the way through to end consumers.

User-friendly and flexible on Umbraco CMS

The new site is designed around a comprehensive system of creative elements, components and adaptable templates. Built on an Umbraco CMS, it is both highly flexible and highly engaging. With a clean, user-friendly interface, Umbraco is easy for content managers and marketers to use and publish on. The flexibility in the system allows the business to adapt the site to suit the needs of global markets, and update through the powerful CMS.

Bringing the products to life in the hands of end consumers

As part of the project, Trivium needed an engaging and distinctive, but still relatable, way of showcasing their products to their customers. Whilst Trivium’s customers can create highly attractive designs using Trivium’s products as blank canvas, there is naturally little ownability or alignment to Trivium’s brand once their products are decorated.

Whilst exploring how to represent Trivium’s packaging solutions to their customers, we found that – whilst technically accurate and detail oriented – imagery of plain metal cans and bottles did not fully capture the possibilities of metal packaging, feeling cold and lifeless. Trivium needed tailored and ownable imagery that could show customers the potential of their products, using Trivium packaging, in the hands and lives of end consumers.

A flexible, cohesive design system

To create imagery that brought Trivium’s metal packaging to life, we undertook a design exercise to create a range of distinctive, Trivium branded packaging designs that reflect the markets Trivium work in. After initial broad visual exploration, we created a flexible but cohesive design system – giving us the ability to tailor designs to a specific market whilst maintaining ownability. Once the designs were created, we planned a three-day photoshoot, working with award-winning photographer Slater King, sourcing a range of locations and models. Each photoset depicts an imagined lifestyle scenario with Trivium products being used by consumers, helping to bring these products to life for their customers.

The power of collaboration

“This was amazing project with an exciting business that’s walking the walk – not just talking the talk – with innovation in sustainable packaging. Being recognized through the awards is a testament to the power of our close collaboration with Trivium Packaging and the combined willingness to challenge at every step,” said Embrace Managing Director, Simon Davies.

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