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Bringing creative intelligence to creative advertising

Bringing creative intelligence to creative advertising

The Investment Management sector has seen a generational, seismic shift.

In 2005, John Duffield’s stated aim when he founded New Star Asset Management was a promise to “build a company in which the finest fund managers could focus on making investors richer”. Simple. Advertising took the form of big, bold and brash - performance numbers dominated. 

Asset managers must today navigate significant complexity as investors’ expectations have changed. There’s now an increasing demand on the sector to do good things with the money under management in order to shape a positive future.

The integration of ESG as part of the investment process has added levels of responsibility, and whilst this introduces complexity it also offers unique opportunities for differentiation and value creation.
Combine this with distinct but diverse audience needs that change and shift across global jurisdictions and you add multiple layers of complexity for any communication strategy.

There’s never been a greater need for advertising and marketing communications to be smarter, and more intelligent.

At Embrace, we have brought creative intelligence to Financial Services advertising for almost three decades. We have deep-rooted knowledge and expertise gained from creating propositions for asset and wealth managers of all sizes and delivering stand-out campaigns that provide the foundations for marketing communications.

As well as strategy and creative ideas we have an outstanding production team, and we design and develop digital advertising for all formats. From the bread-and-butter banner sizes to innovative and interactive formats that deliver content, drive deeper engagement, and enable data capture – our understanding of digital delivers striking results.

As a Financial Services creative advertising agency, we can offer a full spectrum of services



We understand geographies, audiences and asset classes. We define what to say and how to say it and to whom. We develop strategic frameworks where strong propositions can flourish. We work with media partners to ensure we achieve maximum reach.


We find interesting, research-led insights in order to create simple ideas that we can use to express a proposition clearly.


We bring creative thinking, finding ways to inspire and inform, and above all, drive action. By crafting compelling copy, and designing eye-catching and memorable visuals, we create stand out advertising.

Digital and technology

We have unrivalled development services and we use technology to build campaigns that reach and engage audiences across all channels and all devices. We are fully versed with the latest ad-units and spaces, and we regularly innovate to create our own formats.


We work with a network of local market partners to translate campaigns and ensure success within local cultures.


We manage and deliver creative adaptations across all media platforms. Our dedicated client teams ensure the correct format is in the correct place at the correct time.

Performance tracking

We create visual and interactive tracking dashboards for campaign performance, and can integrate diverse data sets such as website traffic and conversion data - so you can see the full picture in easy and digestible formats. We analyse performance and interpret what the stats are showing andmake recommendations for improvement with action lists and deliverables.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for smarter creative advertising services within the Financial Services space. Whether you’re planning a fully-fledged campaign or looking for more efficient production services, please do get in touch to see how we can help you go further.

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