The challenge

As one of the leading investment brands in the world, Vanguard Asset Management needed its digital communications to also lead the way. Their email program in particular needed modernising. Our challenge was to develop an optimised approach that can adapt and evolve as Vanguard's needs do. Working with their email platform, we created a easy to use module-based solution that covered all possible content requirements and gives diverse layout options.

The solution

We brought Vanguard's email design into a more modern approach that employed best practice, with improved CTAs and added features to encourage engagement. Pushing the possibilities further, we introduced interactive features: an embedded countdown timer, and 'accordion' graphical control elements with vertically stacked content that enables sending out more verbose emails without having to scroll. Emails also automatically adjust when viewed on mobile phones. The end result is a coherent and action driving set of email templates that are modern, dynamic and render effectively across all devices – enabling Vanguard to show a leading digital design approach in their space.

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