The challenge

Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition and Tour offers visitors to London the chance to explore and experience a unique piece of England's history. As a working theatre, with a rich historical and cultural past, the challenge is to make visits not just a learning experience, but also a fun and engaging one. Our challenge was to create a campaign that could really bring it to life across all channels. Our approach was to get 'up close' to the people leading the tours and telling the stories. Our insight came from drawing parallels between Shakespeare’s day and modern culture, when the South Bank was a type of ‘Elizabethan Las Vegas’.

The solution

We created the campaign around key stories drawn from the exhibition and tour, for example: how Shakespearian audiences throwing apples at actors was like a modern day reality TV voting off; and how Elizabethan London's theatre entertainment was as popular as today's box sets. These and other stories were brought to life in advertising that used vivid colour, mixed-media imagery and dynamic media.

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