The challenge

Opus is global leader in vehicle inspection and intelligent vehicle support. Working in 10 countries across 5 continents the business conducts over 30 million vehicle inspections and is now pioneering advanced diagnostic technology that keeps pace with increasing vehicle complexity. They are working to make the world a safer and cleaner place. As the business has expanded through acquisition, their overall web presence was becoming disparate and outdated at best - from local U.S. sites supporting government run emissions programs to a corporate site aimed at the investor market. Working closely with the corporate communications team at the Swedish HQ, we strategized and consulted across the divisions, regions and with customers to plan and create a new consolidated site to unite the business and ultimately satisfy the needs of the widely varying audiences and in a way that supports ambitious growths plans.

The solution

Launched in July 2018, the site has been designed and structured on an Umbraco platform that supports a templated approach to future development and the need for the creation of business area sub-sites and extra language versions. The site reflects Opus as a serious global player and presents clear and credible information guiding investors, customers and employees to what is relevant to them, quickly and efficiently.

The design approach focused on positioning Opus as a modern, cutting edge technology business. At the centre of this is a very defined modular grid system that locks everything into place, creating a layout that is straightforward and utilitarian. The hard straight edges and butted together elements are clean, modern and precise - reflecting Opus’ technological approach. The colour palette is intentionally dark and cool, bringing a signature dark green to the foreground. This darker colour palette helps communicate a serious and professional mood and also creates high contrast when used against white, helping the site feel very practical and “no nonsense”. The small interactive details, like the crisp clean button styles, add to this - building on sense of professionalism and intelligence that runs through the design.

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