The challenge

Building on the national F.A.S.T. campaign, aimed at educating people on spotting the warning signs of a stroke, NHS England also worked in partnership with local authorities in raising awareness around stroke prevention. Our challenge was to develop a prevention awareness campaign targeted at the Islington and Haringey areas, where there was an increased incidence of strokes. Our strategy was to cut through and overcome the 'it only happens to other people' mentality.

The solution

The campaign was based on shattering perceptions through impactful facts: showing how widespread and frequent strokes were, and how they affected younger people too. 'Stroke Shatters' was developed as an attention grabbing headline, supported by an exploding head design that created both visual punch and bold messaging to encourage behaviour change and increase uptake for a free health check.



Campaign look and feel  |  Underground and bus advertising  |  Print advertising 

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