Mölnlycke Health Care are one of the largest global brands in the wound care field and part of the Stop Pressure Ulcer Day alliance. Hospital acquired injuries such as pressure ulcers can be life threatening, but are preventable, so raising awareness was key and Mölnlycke's annual webinar was an important industry event. Our brief was to create and implement an email campaign to increase attendance, and deepen engagement during and after the event. Ultimately, drive better results.


We created a clear strategy, set out desired objectives, and then set about creating compelling content to increase interaction. Over the course of the campaign we continuously analyzed the performance of each email communication to learn and adapt, maximizing conversations. Following initial emails, recipients were split into different communication tracks based on their behaviour and sent a series of emails. This allowed us to attract more attendees with targeted personalised invites and timely reminders leading up to the webinar and afterwards.

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