The challenge

Mepore is an island dressing that’s been a favourite with nurses for over 30 years, but faced increasing competition from more ‘basic’ low priced rivals. We needed to give nurses strong reasons to justify their decision to continue using a quality product, and the fact it was designed to work complementary products: Mefix and Tubifast. Research gave us insights into how cheaper alternatives can underperform leading to disappointed patients, so we wanted to appeal to a nurse’s professional pride in wanting every little choice they make to have a positive impact.

The solution

Our positioning for the campaign centred on ‘reassurance’. The concept ‘One Good Thing Leads to Another’ delivered a motivating message that there’s so much more to consider than an isolated choice based on price, and that value comes from trusting in the positive knock-on effect of Mepore’s quality. It leads to doing being able to do a better job, which means greater professional satisfaction, and ultimately happier patients.



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Mepore Mailer
Mepore bag and pen

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