The challenge

Mölnlycke's Epaderm ointment is an effective prescription based treatment for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It's greasy formula meant it was mainly used at night-time, but the introduction of Epaderm Cream, now available at pharmacies, meant the product range could now be used as an all day skin regime. Our challenge was to update the look and feel to resonate with both B2B and B2C markets, plus re-position Epaderm in people's minds as a 'real everyday essential'. Our campaign was built around the 'bigger part of your life' concept.

The solution

At the heart of the campaign was photography which placed the Epaderm product into everyday life scenarios, there naturally right alongside everything else people live with. It provided strong and positive reinforcement of the product as 'part of your life' 24/7. The flexible nature of both imagery and language allowed us to champion Epaderm’s many benefits in a clear and engaging way. The brand refresh was rolled out across a range of communications.



Press advertising  |  GP communications  |  Patient literature  |  Exhibitions  |  Photography

This was the second time Mölnlycke Health Care had commissioned us to assist in the development of Epaderm's marketing. The previous campaign aimed at bringing the professional product to an OTC market achieved a 6.2% increase in marketing share and 11% sales increase, whilst winning a DBA Design Effectiveness Award too.


‘The designs cut-through a crowded market so we could grow revenue. You can’t ask more of a sales campaign.’

Anna-Marie Sceats, Marketing Manager, Mölnlycke Health Care



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