The challenge

J.P. Morgan Asset Management was primarily known for growth and alternative funds despite having a comprehensive range of income solutions. Its share of market in the income sector did not reflect its overall market position. Closer inspection showed that with the hold that established go-to brands had in the income space, a 'fireworks display' of advertising was not enough. Changing perceptions about JP Morgan’s capabilities was therefore a strategic positioning issue. Our job was to bridge an important ‘knowledge gap’. Our solution was ‘act like income leaders’ with help not hype, leveraging J.P. Morgan’s vast educational and insight capabilities. The 'IncomeIntelligence' concept was born.

The solution

Our focus was engagement, providing advisers with the go-to income resource. Our insight was to develop a cost-effective way to reach the adviser at an earlier stage in the decision-making process. We created the Income Intelligence content brand that became a vital online resource for advisers to help with their client’s income needs. We designed and developed everything around an innovative website, implemented the content strategy, and created an integrated campaign to raise awareness and drive traffic.

"The most impressive blend of industry knowledge and creativity of any agency I've ever worked with."

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