The challenge

PAUL HARTMANN AG was a global healthcare company with a 200 year heritage, but with a brand that neither inspired nor reflected its changing corporate ambition. Creating a stronger, more distinctive brand was our challenge and we started by fully immersing ourselves. Customer research showed a major gap between current perceptions – ‘old’ and ‘not innovative’ – and desired positioning, but through insight workshops we were able to uncover and define a more inspirational core purpose, one that spoke of changing societies globally and how ‘health becomes ever more important to life’.

The solution

We created a new brand promise – ‘Going further for health' – that re-ignited the company's pioneering and convention challenging DNA, and developed a fresh brand identity that amplified a forward-looking strategy. The logo was modernised, with the hexagonal heritage badge reinvented as a textural graphic system. It symbolised multi-faceted capabilities and created a brand architecture that adapts for every experience. We re-launched the brand with video stories from around the world – showing how the real people of HARTMANN had gone further to make a difference – and rolled it out across 32 countries.



Brand identity  |  Visual toolkit  |  Corporate communications  |  Brochure design  |  Advertising  |  Web design

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