The challenge

Foundation Home Loans is a specialist mortgage lender looking to position its offer away from the 'adverse credit' end of the market. Our strategy was to take a fresh look at what 'specialist' meant, with the insight that there is nothing 'special' about not ticking all the mainstream lender's boxes, or having more complex needs – it's just modern life. We wanted to promote Foundation as making life easier by turning 'unable' into 'enable'.

The solution

Our concept is based on making both the brand name and its straightforward, 'problem-solver' attitude, inextricably linked. The answer is pure simplicity: 'Found' is the beginning of 'Foundation', and 'Solution Found' is a powerful idea that signals the end of any frustration for advisers and their clients.

The brand identity and visual language is about dynamic simplicity – making the yellow brand colour have a life, whether that's highlighting words, or through CGI objects that project the sense of making things happen in an easy and straightforward way. 



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increase in brand recall in 6 months from launch





increase in website visitors





increase in mortgage applications (DIPs) in 5 months



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