The challenge

BMO Global Asset Management were launching a new fund – Universal Multi Asset Portfolios (MAP) – offering traditionally higher fee actively managed investing for the price of low cost passive funds. Our challenge was to create a proposition, and creative expression, that created cut-through against competitors with bigger marketing budgets. A deeper insight to the market was gained through our research of target groups, which revealed a level of surprise that a solution like this was possible, especially from a brand many had minimal perception of. Many advisers thought it "extraordinary"– and that got us thinking.

The solution

Real innovation is rare in the investment industry, and MAP was delivering something genuinely ‘ground breaking’. We believe that is extraordinary… so that became the main message! Our solution was a bold positioning – 'Intentionally extraordinary' – highlighting that BMO was responding in a powerful, deliberate way to a real investor need. 'Child-like wonder' was our visual concept to express this idea, using imagery that invoked that 'wow' moment.

Early tracking shows the highest engagement and CTR that BMO has ever received for a campaign to date.



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