The challenge

Atlanticomnium is a specialist bond fund manager for GAM based in Geneva and the UK. Highly specialised and highly successful, they have a distinctive investment approach that they were struggling to articulate in a coherent and memorable way. They came to us with a challenge to refresh their brand by creating a strong proposition for the business and develop a website that expressed it in a premium way. We set off with a series of workshops to get closer to what they do, and distill it into something more powerful.

The solution

Atlanticomnium's unique approach clearly stemmed from the way they uncovered value in the lower levels of corporate borrowing of 'quality' blue chips, and from this we creating a new proposition and idea for the brand: 'A Different Dimension In Corporate Bonds'. This thought was expressed online both visually, through abstract architectural imagery with gold accents that revealed depth and had a high-end feel, and functionally through the use of parallax within the website.


Key features

Umbraco CMS  |  Live pricing  |  Automated factsheet upload  |  Mobile optimised

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