Seven Investment Management, or 7IM for short, are an innovative company with a team of over 200 investment experts managing over £11 billion of their clients money. They have a distinctive attitude, exemplified in their 'Radical Commonsense' approach, and our challenge was to create a new online experience for 7IM that did what so few competitor websites did not: deliver understanding and inspiration in a clear and straightforward way. We got under the skin to full understand and align audiences needs and how a company big on service can meet them.


As the saying goes "don't hide your light under a bushel", and that was our approach. Too often in the investment sector valuable content is made hard to find, so we designed and developed a website that brought 7IM's rich content to the fore, and to life – through a video channel, podcasts and apps. The result is a vibrant and dynamic online brand experience that marries inspiration and simplicity. How radical.

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