News | 22 October 2019

A spot of brilliance anyone?

We had a great evening last week at the RHS. Rather than admiring horticulture we were there supporting the launch of Acoustic, which is now our favourite marketing platform. We were intrigued when our invites landed with the event strap-line "Unleashing Brilliance”... and to be fair the evening didn’t disappoint.

What does Acoustic do?

There’s a statistic that the average marketer uses 30+ tech tools, (e.g. email and SMS platforms, social media publishing and monitoring tools, advertising platforms, analytics software) without realising it we often run so many independent marketing technologies.  All these tools can take up marketers’ valuable time and money and they often give you a lot of insight but little action. It is also typically difficult to connect them into a joined-up ecosystem. Acoustic provides the ability to rationalise this. It works with rather than replaces your CRM and has the ability to connect and use data from many other technologies. 

It enables the use of:

  • Customer data - what do we know about a contact
  • Real time analytics - what they are doing in our channels

To deliver:

  • Moments - a relevant message 
  • At the right time in the right channel - email, mobile, website

And this can be automated using:

  • Pre-set programs 
  • AI learning patterns


What are the kind of things we do with it?

We use Acoustic Campaign as an email marketing platform to send marketing emails for our clients.

We help our clients with lead scoring: this is a method of assigning scores to certain attributes or behaviour which are indicating a propensity that a contact might be interested in engaging with your services or products. E.g. if a contact is particularly active on your website, their score will increase. 

We build automated email programs: for example you might be familiar with the term “Welcome program”.  This is a series of emails that are sent over time and are designed to introduce your prospects to the brand and its services or products and slowly nurture them along the journey to becoming a customer. Messages or moments delivered at a relevant time to encourage a behaviour is called lead nurturing.

We also provide lead alert reports to sales teams, these are triggered automatically at least once a day and notify sales people of contacts who have a certain lead score or have performed a certain action or series of actions. This gives sales people better insight in order to do their job properly.

We personalise content so it’s relevant to a contact. For example, if we want to encourage non-registered website visitors to register, we can look at a contact's profile and if they are not registered we can show them a “moment”, in this case, a pop-up, encouraging them to register.

We can provide lists of prospects to advertising platforms so we can run targeted advertising aimed at just those contacts.

We use Acoustic Campaign alongside CRMs and a website CMS to deliver a joined up experience and one in which we can tailor messages and encourage contacts to perform certain behaviours. This takes marketing from a one-to-many and makes it a highly relevant and targeted one-to-one customer experience.


So how do we know Acoustic?

We were agency partners of SilverPop and when the technology was acquired by IBM it was developed into IBM Watson, which we and our clients equally loved. Recently the platform has been bundled up with lots of other interesting IBM tech to form what is traditionally know as a "marketing cloud.” 


What is a Marketing Cloud?

A digital marketing platform which includes tools for email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, online advertising, and marketing automation. 

A Marketing Cloud provides a unified view of customers so businesses can create personalised, omni-channel, customer journeys.


Why the launch?

Recently IBM Watson was acquired by Centrebridge Partners, a US private equity firm with a large wallet and a desire to do things differently in the MarTech space. 

The platform has been rebranded Acoustic:

  • 1100 people focussed on making marketers’ lives easier
  • 150 million US dollars to be spent re-imagining the products - how to develop the functionality, how the user experience can be improved, how to continue to open the ecosystem and of course how AI can be harnessed


Is it brilliant?

Well, clearly the foundations are very exciting. 

Acoustic is the largest independent Cross Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) provider.

It’s recently been named as one of only 2 leaders in this field in a Forrester Wave report.

It’s been ranked as a leader in more than 10 industry analyst reports in the last year.

Today, it has more than 3,500 global brands as customers. 

A compelling starting place.


Why is it so well rated by Industry analysts Forrester & Co?

One of the top priorities for the analysts is the ability to power a unified customer experience across the plethora of available channels.

71% of consumers want a consistent experience across all channels, but only 29% say they actually get it. 

Forrester outlined 3 priorities for CCCM:

  1. Deliver a customer data and analytics foundation. 
  2. Excel at cross-channel customer experiences (CX).
  3. Provide moments-based marketing technology (martech) innovation.

Acoustic is seen as leading vendor in its ability to deliver on this. 


Do you need it?

If your digital comms are based on an understanding of your customer and what they want or need and when they might want or need it and you can already deliver consistent, relevant and timely content across your website, email and mobile - well then you're likely to be getting the results you need and you probably don’t need us or Acoustic.

And if not?

Get in touch for a chat about how we can add some brilliance to your marketing.



Paul Wreford-Brown,
Digital Director