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Activity Report - 1st August to 30th November 2016

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Wealth Managers, Twitter activity report - 1st August to 30th November 2016

Wow what a few months, in Britain we talked about, digested but still didn’t have much of an answer as to what the Brexit referendum results would bring. We were fascinated by the U.S. election, leaked emails, accusations of Russian hacking, FBI involvement and ultimately a Trump victory. The FTSE crept up from 6693 to end the period on 6752.

So surely plenty to talk about on Twitter, let’s look at what the UK Wealth Management industry got up to.

Companies in this review:

Arbuthot Latham

Barclays Wealth & IM

BNP Paribas Wealth

Brewin Dolphin

Brooks Macdonald

Brown Shipley

Charles Stanley

Close Brothers Asset Management

Coutts & Co

Credit Suisse

EFG Private Bank

Fisher Investments

Hargreaves Lansdown


Killik & Co

Old Mutual Wealth

Parmenion Investment Management


Quilter Cheviot


Seven Investment Management

SG Wealth Management

Signia Wealth

Smith & Williamson

Societe Generale

Standard Chartered

Tcam Asset Management

Towry Wealth


Walker Crips

Lombard Odier


New followers

Credit Suisse has the most followers with a total of 259,000.

However the largest number of new followers with a total of 23,040 in this period goes to UBS - that's an increase of 9.1% to take them to 252,000. On average an amazing 768 new followers every day.

Spikes of new follows came after UBS tweeted a link to an interactive game on inequality. The game is designed to test your knowledge on policies and how you would deal with real life inequality situations.

Other tweets included the support of #VeteransDay and #ArmisticeDay.


Most Active

Hargreaves Lansdown have been busy this quarter, they take the top spot after tweeting an impressive 2,072 times - almost double 2nd highest, Seven Investment Management, coming in at 1,026 tweets.

Popular tweets from Hargreaves Lansdown included a Q&A with Neil Woodford on Sterling weakness, interest rates and risk of loss and also their achievement on raising £15,000 for the Youth Adventure Trust.


Biggest reactions per posts

Standard Chartered achieved an impressive 38 reactions per post on average this quarter, an outright winner with only Credit Suisse & UBS coming close with an average of 15.

Spikes in engagement on Twitter came from posts supporting Liverpool Football Club who have Standard Chartered as their shirt sponsor. The use of the #LFC hashtag and tweeting the Liverpool Football Club handle was key to increased engagement.



Broadest impressions

Topping the leaderboard again, the most number of impressions during the 4 months with approx. 19,000,000 was achieved by UBS.



​Best engagement for a tweet

Engagement = most re-tweeted, liked and favourited

A combination of content and volume of visitors seems to drive high engagement.

First Place - Standard Chartered @ 1,154

The tie-in with a leading Premiership football club generates a massive response.

Runner-up - UBS @ 791

Good use of interactive features usually encourages engagement


Highest visibility for a tweet

Visibility = Composite score to assess how visible a piece of content is, based on channel, engagement and influence of author

Volume of visitors is important for high visibility but it is important the audience is relatively engaged.

First place - Credit Suisse @ 1863


Runner-up - UBS @ 965


Most impressions for a tweet

Due to their large number of followers Credit Suisse and UBS clear-up again in this category.

First Place - Credit Suisse @ 258,940


Runner-up - UBS @ 251,517


Best engagement rate for a tweet

Weighted sum of the interactions generated by owned content

Best engagement scores are high when a tweet hits the mark with a very high percentage of the followers. Favouring groups with smaller number of followers but relatively high interest in the content amongst the followers.

Cricket competitions seem to get the audience engaged!


First Place - Brooks Macdonald @ 227


Runner-up - Seven Investment Management @ 125




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