Realising New Trends for Healthcare Photography

How values and meaningful consumption are affecting new photography

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Healthcare marketing agency Embrace are proud to showcase the new portfolio of brand photography commissioned by Hartmann, the global brand specialising in continence management, wound management and operating theatre products.

Working with acclaimed photographer Michael Heffernan, the agency have been instrumental in conceptualising, shaping and creating a new brand vision for the company.

Of course, much work is done in the actual briefing and commissioning of the photography but beyond the actual mechanics and execution of any brand photography, there is research that needs to be done in ensuring that new marketing assets will resonate with the target audience.

Any campaign therefore has to take note of any wider trends: with the evolution of social media and Instagram in particular, much has been written about an increasing desire for high-quality but authentic imagery.

For years, the stock imagery market was filled with high-quality content but also numerous stereotypes with fake poses and backgrounds. One of the reasons Hartmann was looking to create their own range of assets was the fact that they wanted photography that was as real as possible, genuine and spontaneous.

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Shooting on location therefore helps to achieve this since it delivers the kind of results that can’t easily be created in post-production and avoids situations appearing set up.

Similarly, any commercial photography these days needs to also address new types of client and emerging markets, so any images must reflect the culture and specifics that differentiate these – hence the decision with this shoot to conduct it in South Africa which is varied enough in terms of its population, buildings and landscapes to accommodate the various scenarios needed.

The agency also wanted to acknowledge wider trends in the market: digital picture library Shutterstock recently revealed an increase in the following; wellness pictures searches were up +169%; mindfulness up +109%; and fitness up +106%. Any healthcare brand therefore needs to position itself accordingly to acknowledge these leanings.


This is something reflected by Pam Grossman, Getty Images Director of Visual Trends, who says: ‘As brands focus on values, reflection and revelation become front and centre, with consumers shifting their focus to more meaningful consumption.’


Please feel free to take a look at the photography and if you would like to discuss brand photography in the light of this article or purchase the brand photography commissioning toolkit, please make contact with Simon Davies on +(44) (0) 20 7336 7633.

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