Investment Managers on Twitter

A review by Embrace

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It's 2017 and Twitter has established itself as the social channel for news and world events.

Donald Trump is changing the US presidency and Twitter is his primary tool of change.

From the 1st August to the 30th November 2016, a fascinating time for world events,  we tracked leading investment managers activity on Twitter and compiled some blog posts to give you an overview of what they got up to.

It's interesting to see how Asset Managers are mixing their insights, news and sponsorships to generate engagement.

Our reports:

UK Professional Investor Channels


UK Direct Investor Channels


Wealth Managers


Global Channels


In these reports we highlight:

At a channel level:

Most followers

Most new followers

Most active

Biggest reaction per posts


At a content level:

Best engagement for a tweet

Highest visibility for a tweet

Most impressions for a tweet

Best engagement rate for a tweet


If you'd like to discuss these reports, get your firm included in the next review or have a chat about you can best harness the power of Twitter, please get in touch @ThisIsEmbrace or if you're old school: or +44 (0)20 7336 7633

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