Education Marketing: Creating Visual Branding for Morley College

Branding and marketing in education is as important as in other sectors – here’s what integrated communications agency has done to celebrate Morley College’s 125th anniversary.

— in Design

For the past two years, integrated communications agency, Embrace has worked with Morley College offering them education marketing services from a visual branding perspective - and this year, the brief has extended as the school is celebrating 125 years anniversary

The school’s agenda this year was to use budget wisely but push their education marketing to reach audiences previously untargeted – our work so far has included logo development, art direction and print materials for dissemination

The triangular visual approach portrays the student-college partnership and the expanding design reflects every student’s journey and how it can build differently, but with the college always as the starting point

Below are our initial brand awareness campaign examples, but we will share with you how these are manifested as the marketing campaign we are collaborating on rolls out throughout the 125th year.

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