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In June we caught the end of the build-up to the referendum and the reactions that followed. So it was an interesting month on Twitter. We analysed data from 7 UK asset managers and have posted some highlights below. The competitor set was chosen at random from leading Asset Managers who are active on Twitter, full data is presented in an infographic at the end of the post.

In the June review:


@Fidelity _UK








​New Followers

The most new followers this month goes to @AberdeenAssetUK with an impressive 8.5% increase. That's an increase of 1630 taking total followers to 19167.

Spikes of new visitors came after Martin Gilbert’s appearance on CNBC, a reach out to golf and cycling and a post Brexit review.

Most Active

Most active this month goes to @Fidelity_UK with an impressive 178 tweets that’s almost 6 a day. 50 more than second most active Invesco.

Very active commentating on market behaviour, their engagement spiked around a busy day in the markets on the 6th June and then unsurprisingly pre and post referendum.


Biggest average reactions per post

But by far the largest average reactions per post goes to @scottishwidows.

They clocked up 334 reactions in June but tweeted only 13 times.

By far the biggest average reach per post of the set at 24.

Scottish Widows tweets relay factual information around Pension and Tax legislation. They do this by posting information and also polling their followers.


Broadest reach & highest average reach per tweet

The most number of impressions achieved in June was approx. 222,000 achieved by Fidelity due to their high activity rate – coming from 178 tweets this meant an average of 1247 impressions per tweet.

The largest average impressions per tweet was achieved by @JPMorgan_UK, they have the highest number of followers at 19715 and follow a very regimented 3 x tweets per day. This achieved a fairly consistent average of 2159 impressions per tweet.

Tweets from @JPMorgan_UK link through to their regular Investment Trust insight pieces a mixture of market views, commentary and opinion and the same content seems to get repeated in tweets across the month.

We track a broad range of Asset and Wealth Managers social media accounts and provide custom reports and analysis. Please get in touch if you would like further information - on twitter @ThisIsEmbrace, by email or by phone +44 (0)20 7336 7633.

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