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Activity Report - 1st August to 30th November 2016

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Activity Report - 1st August to 30th November 2016

An amazing few months from a global news perspective. The U.S. presidential election dominated everything; a hard-fought election, involving all sorts of drama ending in a Trump victory. The markets responded favourably. So, what did the global asset managers make of all of this on Twitter, our review gives you a snapshot of activity.

In this review:

Alliance Bernstein

Allianz Global Investors (Live)

Allianz Global Investors (View)


Ashburton Invesetments



BNY Mellon


Credit Suisse

CS Research

Deutsche Bank

Franklin Templeton

Goldman Sachs

Legg Mason

Merrill Lynch


Morgan Stanley

Naxtixis Global Asset Management




Russell Investments


Standard Life Investments

State Street

T.Rowe Price




​New Followers

This quarter Deutsche Bank managed to gain a total of 54,530 new followers - that's a 8.9% increase putting them at the top spot.

Spikes of new follows came after Deutsche Bank's announcement of opening a #DigitalFactory in Frankfurt. The Digital Factory employs around 400 software developers, IT specialists & financial experts from 14 nations that work together to develop digital products using state-of-the-art methods.

Other tweets included the mention of Deutsche Bank clients visiting Telsa Motors to test-drive the 'cars of the future'.


Most Active

Taking the top spot again, Deutsche Bank tweeted an impressive 839 times this quarter, only UBS came close with 723.

Aside from the announcement of the bank's Digital Factory, other popular tweets this month included the agreement for the bank to sell it's Abbey Life insurance group for a whopping £935 million and also Deutsche Banks's JP Rangaswami's comments on the importance of partnerships in innovation.


Biggest reactions per posts

The largest reactions per post this quarter goes to Merill Lynch. Merill Lynch is the wealth management division of Bank of America, their financial advisors combine financial knowledge and experience with a deep understanding of their clients’ needs to help their clients achieve the lives they want.

Merill Lynch clocked up, on average, an impressive 39 reactions per post in the 4 months from their 119 tweets, just taking the top spot from Goldman Sachs who amounted 35 reactions per post.

Spikes in engagement on Twitter came from their support of 9/11 victims back in September and in October, their support of Black History Museum with Jamal Edwards MBE.



Broadest impressions

Topping the leaderboard again, the most number of impressions  during the 4 months with approx. 53,500,000 was achieved by Deutsche Bank.



Best Engagement for a tweet

Engagement = most re-tweeted, liked and favourited

We see insight tweets driving engagement for AB and Morgan Stanley.


First place - Alliance Bernstein @ 991


Runner-up - Morgan Stanley @ 882


Highest visibility for a tweet

Visibility = Composite score to assess how visible a piece of content is, based on channel, engagement and influence of author


First place - Credit Suisse @ 1,863

Everyone loves good old Roger Federer and Credit Suisse know how to maximise their sponsorship of the sports star.


Runner-up - UBS @ 965

A lot of votes cast in UBS's poll drives engagement for this tweet.


Most impressions for a tweet


First place - Deutsche Bank @ 610,291

Racking up the most impressions for a Tweet is done by having  the most followers and the Twitter heavyweights Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs win in this department.


Runner-up - Goldman Sachs @ 560,953


Best engagement rate for a tweet

Weighted sum of the interactions generated by owned content

US election content drives engagement for AB and NNIP.


First place - Alliance Bernstein @ 76


Runner-up - NN Investment Partners @ 72





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