Email marketing templates


As Vanguard's email marketing partner in the UK, Embrace was asked to rationalise and optimise a full range of email templates.

This was a chance to move the brand into a digital space and take the lead for future digital design.

The email templates needed to be mobile optimised and used within a variety of email service providers.


We reviewed the current set of 15+ email templates and rationalised them into three key areas:

- Newsletter - Events - Product / general updates

Within each template, we developed a set of optional modules that will cover all possible content requirements. When an email is built within the email platform the desired module can simply be dragged into the template using the drag-and-drop editor and content can be very easily updated.

We used the Vanguard brand guidelines and brought the design up-to-date for a modern and dynamic feel.


Ensuring we followed email best practice design we included features that enable the email to be easily read and calls-to-actions to be prominent, persuasive and compelling.

The emails are banded for ease of scanning different content areas. Images are used to support content, there's a variety of layout options. Headlines and Call-to-actions are easily scannable. Social Media icons are included to encourage continued conversation.

Interactive features such as a countdown clock for events are included to encourage action.

The templates can be easily used in a variety of Email Service Providers.

The end result is a coherent and action driving set of email templates that are modern, dynamic and render effectively across all devices.

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