Over The Counter Healthcare Marketing Campaign


Tubigrip is a well-known, well-respected support bandage which had been originally used for sports injuries and previously only available via prescription. 

In early 2012, Tubigrip was made available over the counter to all consumers via retail outlets in the UK such as Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. A healthcare marketing campaign was needed to reposition the brand and promote its new availability to and raise awareness with a wider audience.


Using the interest in London 2012 Games as a catalyst, specialist healthcare brand and design agency, Embrace created an advertising campaign strategy and proposition that gave the product a more dynamic, sporty style to appeal to a broader age group.

Necessary for good shelf recognition, our bold design reflected the product’s packaging together with copy that helped reflect the its heritage: ‘Supporting the nation’s sprains and strains for over 50 years.’


The healthcare advertising campaign was run across a broad spectrum of on and offline media, including niche titles like Athletics Weekly, to ensure wide interest. 

One of Embrace’s best healthcare advertising campaign case studies, the campaign helped generate a 12% increase in website traffic with a marked increase in product enquiries while in-store sales were also higher than predicted.

The campaign helped generate a 12% increase in website traffic

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