Shakespeare's Globe

Theatre Advertising Campaign


Brand and design agency Embrace were commissioned by Shakespeare’s Globe theatre to create a dynamic and engaging theatre advertising campaign to promote Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition and Tour. 

The concept needed to work across various channels; outdoors, in-site, online and across print.

It needed to target all generations (but specifically, Londoners, families, home counties and international visitors) and fulfill various key objectives; the Globe is a unique piece of England, that the Globe is a working theatre with a historical past; that the Tour and Exhibition are a learning but also fun experience.


Theatre marketing agency Embrace conducted research on the Globe, the tour and exhibition to extract key messages to engage today’s audiences, drawing parallels between entertainment today and Shakespeare’s day when the South Bank was a type of ‘Elizabethan Las Vegas’.
Embrace focused on five engaging messages drawn from the exhibition and tour:
  - Voting Off: how audiences showed their lack of appreciation by throwing apples (not tomatoes which weren’t available then) at the actors
- The Bum Roll: what was fashionable for women 
- The Eligible Bachelor: how men used to pad out their stomachs to look fatter (and by implication richer)
- The Box Set: how the Globe was at the heart of Elizabethan London’s entertainment
- Fire Extinguisher: how a man’s friends put out the flames which threatened to kill him when the Globe caught fire


Embrace’s concept for the Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition and Tour is currently being rolled out across various media channels, including the London Underground. 

The theatre advertising campaign has been designed to work on a long-term basis, part-fulfilled by Embrace and part-fulfilled by the theatre’s inhouse team.

The results will be added as the campaign reaches maturity throughout 2015.

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