Shakespeare's Globe

Our Theatre: Romeo & Juliet


Creative communications agency Embrace were commissioned to create dynamic and energetic creative branding campaigns for The Globe’s ‘Our Theatre’ youth productions of Romeo and Juliet, working with local communities. The Globe wanted to get school children involved in the creative, print and design process to help shape the classic Shakespearian productions into more modern and urban entities.


We ran a series of design workshops for children participating. They were aged between 6 and 16 and the sessions gave them a chance to input into the creative process from brief to ideas to design. We created the bespoke design workshop, using our own methodology to elicit feedback. Final designs were voted on with a consensus from both the education team and children alike, meaning everyone was very happy with final concepts. 


The visual brand identity for Romeo and Juliet featured a blood spattered heart, obviously reflecting the core theme of the play while the drops of blood and different colours reflect everyone’s individual input. The visual brand identities were rolled out across a range of brand assets including invites, e-vites, programmes, posters and T-shirts. 

The design process this year really captured the participatory spirit of the project, honoured the young people’s ideas and brought a new level of learning

Maggie Tildesley, Community Projects Manager

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