Shakespeare's Globe - Inspired

Globe Education Marketing Campaign


Theatre marketing agency Embrace were commissioned by Globe Education to create a marketing approach for its ‘Shakespeare Inspired’ events campaign.

The campaign focused on who or what inspired Shakespeare and the resulting effect he’s had on culture with a series of lectures, events and even a puppet show about Hamlet.

The campaign needed to reach the Globe’s existing as well as new audiences. 


Using ‘inspiration’ as the starting point, creative agency Embrace explored its Latin origins: ‘to breathe or blow into’.

This meaning in turn inspired the ‘billowing of wind’ graphic motif used across all collateral reflecting the influences before, during and after Shakespeare.

These motifs act as a type of highly sophisticated speech bubble to hold the names of the people and speeches Shakespeare inspired.


As with our other campaigns for Shakespeare’s Globe, we provided the key designs for brochures, posters, dedicated web page and social media assets. 

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