Shakespeare's Globe - Henry V

Globe Education Marketing Campaign


Theatre marketing agency Embrace has worked with Globe Education, part of Shakespeare’s Globe, since 2011 on Our Theatre, part of its education marketing campaigns and programmes.

Our Theatre works with nine Southwark schools who perform one of Shakespeare’s plays with each school taking a scene to act but the programme also includes them in the marketing process.  The challenge therefore is to work with pupils of varying ages, abilities and confidence and incorporate their ideas into a public-facing creative marketing campaign that also reflects the Globe’s inclusive, creative marketing approach.

This year, the children were performing Henry V in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and the theatre needed a strong design that would work across various marketing assets.


Theatre marketing agency Embrace worked closely with Globe Education to create the concept: the 3D gold ‘Band of Brothers’ visual symbolised the most famous speech in the play as well as reflecting what the children were being asked to do.

The ‘Band of Brothers’ visual was constructed in a 3D programme for the brochure’s main image.

Embrace also shared the concept with the children and ran a series of workshops with representatives from the nine schools, enabling them to design a shield, using motifs, colours and metaphors to represent each of the nine schools.

The shield designs were then applied to the soldiers and used within the final design. 


The education marketing campaign has been well received and translated across various collateral including brochures, posters and T-shirts.

Meanwhile, the soldiers were also created as life-size cut-outs holding each of the schools’ shields and installed within the theatre for the event.

There has been an increase in recognition of the event seasons run by Shakespeare’s Globe together with positive feedback from both the venue and the public.

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