The Royal Mint Experience

Integrated campaign


Opening a brand new purpose built visitor centre, The Royal Mint partnered up with Embrace to create an integrated communication campaign. Under deadlines tighter than an Herve Leger dress, our brief was to deliver a 360 advertising campaign, complete with a distinctive and durable look and feel, as well as naming and core brand proposition. Like millennials in the work place, our advertising needed to multitask well. Providing information, driving awareness, online bookings, and social media engagement simultaneously, reaching a variety of audience segments, well beyond coin collectors.


Upon testing our creative routes against different audience segments, we learned that consumers responded best to playful imagery and messaging, as well as clear, rather than conceptual, naming. We worked with the brand's existing colour palette to develop elegant and playful illustrations to frame the coins. Using a previously established Royal Mint headline “See the heads, hear the tales", we created a suite of messages that retained the pun element and focused on the different sides of The Royal Mint Experience.


Our amazing team worked intensely and closely together, sharing each other’s hats to deliver a fully integrated campaign in less than a month. What’s more, our partners at AKA helped us ensure that our creative was always optimised for each environment and our production partner, Content Creatures helped us with bring our vision to life in a fabulous way, whilst resourcefully managing pressing timings. As for our client, they were royally collaborative, their enthusiasm for their brand was infectious and their trust in us truly inspiring.

In the end, we delivered a fully integrated advertising campaign (TV, radio, press ads in both English and Welsh, billboards, bus streetliners, adlifts, DM, online banners, social media creative and beyond) that made our team proud and our client happy. The results: over 11,000 online bookings in less than 30 days! We think that’s a pretty good start. We’re off to Llantrisant now to discover the unexpected wonder of coins at The Royal Mint Experience. Ymunwch â ni! That’s Welsh for join us!

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