Stroke Advertising Campaign


London communications agency Embrace was commissioned to create a NHS ad campaign to articulate a key part of their stroke prevention strategy.

An NHS healthcare marketing campaign was required to build on the national FAST work aimed at spotting symptoms to create awareness around stroke prevention in Islington and Harringey where there was an increased incidence of strokes. 


We created the ‘Stroke Shatters’ healthcare ad campaign using the exploding head image to deliver both visual punch and bold messaging around key facts. 


The NHS print campaign had high visibility on escalator panels, buses, magazines and papers and featured advice on how to reduce chances of a stroke with a NHS Direct call to action. 

One of most highly successful healthcare marketing campaigns, it ran for six months where local PCTs in the boroughs reported a marked increase in people asking for advice and information. The success of this campaign led to a re-run the following year.

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