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Creating a brand identity for Dunstable Downs


To define and create a visual brand identity and language that will successfully communicate a relevant sense of place for the Dunstable Downs to visitors.

The visual brand identity had to improve perception, engagement and encourage repeat visits across ten sites. The creative branding also needed to work across all communication platforms ­ way finding, merchandise, print and digital collateral. 


From our initial research, we defined Dunstable Downs’ unique selling point as unrivaled views - a place to escape to. This was the base of a creative branding approach from which we generated the aspirational strapline ‘Cloudscape, Landscape, Escape’.

Together, this provided the catalyst for the creation of a flexible brand visual identity system that combines illustration, friendly tone of voice and photographic imagery to demonstrate the Downs’ many attributes and experiences.


The visual branding helped to create a unique sense of place at any of the sites, its flexibility conveying the sensory experiences of those visiting the sites.Throughout the design process we were mindful of the amount of information being conveyed, so made the brochure highly engaging.

The vibrant, multi-layered corporate identity guidelines effectively communicate with multiple target audiences while the associated toolkit allows the Dunstable Downs team to implement the corporate  brand identity consistently going forward. 

National Trust Consultancy Manager/Marketing Consultant Sally Hodges says, ‘Our Bedfordshire countryside sites are a complex group of sites, with a different visitor offer at each one. We knew that our visitors were struggling to understand the breadth of our offer in Bedfordshire countryside, how the sites all linked together, how to get around them and what was on offer. We brought Embrace in to look at creating a visual identity across the sites that we could use across every touch point to aid with consistency and continuity of our messages. We immediately liked their concept as we felt they had understood what was special and unique about our sites, and how to bring that out through creative design. We now have an identity that is flexible to work across a number of different channels, that works with our National Trust brand, will work across the different sites, and is easy for a range of staff and volunteers to work with and implement. We are now working on a number of projects across the sites that will use this identity including signage, interpretation, retail and catering products, branded workwear, new print collateral, and digital creative for our website and social media

Sally Hodges, Consultancy Manager/Marketing, National Trust

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