Mepilex Border Flex & Heel

Global Healthcare Launch Campaign


Strategic healthcare marketing agency Embrace were commissioned to develop a healthcare campaign strategy and assets for the launch of two sister woundcare products within Mölnlycke Health Care’s Mepilex range; Border Flex and Border Heel.

The difference between the two dressings was the fact they were tailored for different purposes: Border Heel, an all in one solution for the foot whilst Flex, the company’s first oval dressing, could be applied to various parts of the body. A further challenge lay in the fact that the campaigns needed to work individually but in some markets they would be launched together.


Embrace created the concept ‘Care for Contours’ for Flex using a typographic style, which featured the oval dressing in the place of the O to denote its flexibility. For Heel, we developed the theme ‘Heel-Shaped Innovation’ to express the nature of the all-in-one dressing with Safetac technology. Both campaigns featured clean photography on white backgrounds to make them appear real, lifelike and fresh.

Furthermore, we showcased the unique nature of Heel with a unique graphic system that reflected the product’s ability to adapt to any curve outlining the different technologies at work.


The concept was carried out by Embrace across all marketing assets; literature design, print advertising and press releases. The products are being released over the next few years across various territories.

Results to follow as they arrive.

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