A dynamic new brand mark


Systematic investment specialist Man AHL, part of the Man Group, needed to be repositioned as part of a wider financial services branding campaign.

The business was looking for a new financial services logo since the existing one had been developed over a decade earlier and looked dated as well as no longer being in sync with the new wider positioning of the Man AHL group.

The business wanted a logo which would reflect their new positioning and approach, moving from a pure CTA to a diversified quant business and differentiate the organisation from its competitors.


Financial services creative agency Embrace fulfilled the brief as part of a pitch process.

The financial services logo needed to be ‘mathematical’, ‘unconventional’ and ‘striking’ and so Embrace looked to create a brand inspired by the concepts of sine waves and sine curves.

These make up the base functions of trigonometry (sine, cosine and tangent functions) that allow you to predict an angle or length based upon other data.

The curves in the logo are based on cosine waves moving along a path. These curves are predictable, mathematical and are used in statistical analysis. The waves were angled diagonally to show progression and hint at increasing value.

The colours used are a brighter version of the colours in the Man Group palette and the variations imply depth and multiple analysis.

While Embrace developed the concept, there were some changes to the font and colour made in association with Man AHL.


Man AHL have since rolled out the new logo across all touchpoints and feedback has been very positive.

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