Major Players

More than the normal brand identity


Communications agency Embrace were commissioned by creative and marketing recruitment firm Major Players to revitalise their branding to reflect a new positioning. The project was to create an identity system that would live and breathe online and offline and in physical environments.

Major Players have a mantra of ‘more than the normal’ which needed to be visually expressed across all platforms. Each sector of the business needed a visual identity that was adaptable enough for each team and their on and offline offerings but which would be cohesive as a brand. 


Having thoroughly researched the sector and how other competing agencies manifest themselves, Embrace wanted to steer away from cliched images of lifestyle and created a series of impactful images expressing the 'more than the normal’ ethos.  



The design process gave birth to a portfolio of photographic imagery featuring objects, animals and people engaging in and celebrating a way of doing things in a major way. This provided an updatable brand palette that could flex to accommodate different subject areas over time, keeping the brand fresh and relevant whilst keeping a thread of recognition. 

Embrace have taken from our brief that we are a different creative, marketing and digital recruitment company, that we defy expectations and go beyond the expected to be ‘more than normal’. They used that idea to create a visual identity that has maximum impact and is flexible enough to facilitate our new ventures and offerings while reflecting our personality. It was a big ask, but we’re thrilled with the outcome and the enthusiasm and creativity that Embrace displayed throughout the whole project was second to none.

Allison Upton, Head Of Marketing, Major Players

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