Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change

Brand and website development


The Lancet is arguably the world’s leading and most influential medical journal.

In 2015 it published a Health and Climate report which became one of its most read and downloaded documents. Creating great publicity and generating speaking opportunities and events with some world renown institutions such as The White House and The Prince of Wales,  the response to the report was overwhelmingly positive.

Unlike a previous 2009 report which focussed on the catastrophic impact of climate change the 2015 report focussed on the positive health opportunities resulting from taking action on climate change.

Following this success the Lancet has asked the collaborative team behind the report to produce an annual report and ongoing communication on this subject. Embrace was commissioned to create a new brand and website for this initiative.


The objective is to raise awareness of climate change’s negative impact on health and how tackling climate change can have positive opportunities for the improvement of public health.

The audience is global and is primarily health professionals, however it is diverse in it’s make-up and includes representatives and associations within the industry. Including environmental NGOs and health authorities.

Ultimately by educating and empowering health professionals the commission aims to bring the desire to respond to climate change into health professionals’ remit and thus get them behind the issue so they influence and drive policy makers positively.


The Countdown to 2030 sought help from Embrace, a creative digital agency in order to develop a number of elements so that they could deliver their communication objectives.

We delivered:

An identity that reflected the Countdown’s value and potential in the Health and Climate space.

A website that is the central hub for their communications and publications. Built on UMBRACO CMS this is a living website that can develop over time.

• The website is well optimised for search engines and is set-up to facilitate content distribution via social and email.

• A number of logos and graphics that can be used by The Countdown across their communication.

• Stationary materials, including letterheads, PPT template, business cards, email footer and report.

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