Brand Refresh


PAUL HARTMANN AG was a global healthcare company with a nearly 200 year heritage, but with a brand that had stagnated and a proposition that neither inspired or was appropriate to all the product divisions. Research also showed it was perceived as ‘old’ and ‘not innovative’ with no clear positioning.

A new CEO brought a new and ambitious corporate strategy, one that demanded a stronger more differentiated brand identity that could inspire stakeholders and external audiences.

HARTMANN appointed healthcare branding and creative agency Embrace to define their brand purpose, then develop a new brand proposition and strong visual identity that could be the catalyst for future plans. One that was not only highly distinctive in the marketplace, but could work practically across all divisions and evolve with them.


Through research and workshops we defined a much broader and inspiring brand purpose that spoke of changing societies globally and how ‘health becomes ever more important to life’. We created a brand promise that described HARTMANN’s ambition to be something bigger than just products – ‘Going further for health.’ An inspiring rallying call for staff and customers to go the extra mile and challenge convention, something that also referenced the company’s pioneering beginnings.

The visual identity needed to be equally inspiring. The oval logo was modernised and the 200 year old hexagonal heritage badge was reinvented as the ‘Venture Texture’ that not only symbolised the companies multi faceted capabilities, it created a whole brand architecture system that could adapt to every need, moving away from boring rigidity.

The brand was brought to life through a series of brand story videos from around the world showing how the real people of HARTMANN had gone further to make a difference in their field.


The new brand has been successfully, and enthusiastically, rolled-out across 32 countries. 

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