Gain Theory

Branding and website creation for WPP marketing foresight consultancy


Part of WPP, Gain Theory is a new marketing foresight consultancy. The company was formed to help marketers understand the optimised marketing mix: how the audience interacts with the brand via web, mobile, outdoor, ATL and instore and how to make sense of the big data.


Brand and digital agency Embrace conducted a series of brand workshops, in-depth competitor analysis and market research to help the organisation articulate its position as a new type of marketing agency for the digital age.

We outlined the four pain points marketers were currently struggling with that Gain Theory was primed to tackle, these being; both data and jargon overload, inconsistency as well as the need to respond faster to these insights.


We helped the company articulate its position as a global marketing foresight company, giving marketers the confidence to make faster, smarter business decisions. 

The core brand idea is about transformative foresight – going further than just insight into a more predictive view that can drive better marketing investment and ultimately bring positive change to business outcomes. This core message was articulated through the brand strategy and brand identity using the concept of the five-sided portal to see into the future; this is reflected in the ‘i’ of Gain Theory.

Embrace has also created brand collateral for the business, stategized, designed and built the website and also produced the launch video for online and offline distribution using a mix of footage and 3D rendering.

We are also designing exhibition stands as well as the generating the creative to transform the previous business’s interior accordingly. 

Embrace has been invaluable in helping us shape and articulate our strategic vision. The challenge in particular was to help communicate a highly-complex and new type of business that was easy for new and existing clients to make sense of. Not only have Embrace done this with style and great insight, but it has created the related marketing collateral on time and on budget.

Claudia Sestini, Global Head of Marketing & Business Development

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