Investment Pulse - Marketing Automation


Fidelity Personal Investing has a large subscriber base of investors. They publish daily market news and outlooks to their website, some content originates from their investment team and some is automatically pulled into their website from third party sources via live feeds.

We were tasked with building a marketing automation programme to broadcast this daily investment news to their subscriber list via email, this needed to happen in an automated way but with internal sign-offs.


We developed an application that looks for the daily website up-date and then automatically scrapes the live website news feed and compiles an email. This email is sent to internal testing for sign-off before being automatically distributed to the investor list.

Key features include:

• Smart data capture from the website

• Data management administration suite

• Integration with Email System

• Automated mobile optimised email broadcast

• Live, real-time, in email graphical representation of global market movements

• Full in-built testing and approval

• Reporting and analytics


Investment Pulse coupled with other marketing automation initiatives has delivered a significant increase in website traffic and ultimately investment inflows.

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