Barrier® EasyWarm

Global Healthcare Launch Campaign


Regulating body temperature and keeping a patient warm before, during and after surgery is a key challenge for anaesthetists. The market was already cluttered with a number of established patient warming products and Mölnlycke Health Care had developed a brand new innovative blanket to offer a different single-use solution.

Specialist healthcare marketing agency, Embrace were tasked to create a global healthcare launch campaign, providing the name, positioning and marketing collaterals and approach to provide cut-through and launch successfully in an already busy global marketplace.


The product’s USP was its ease of use, being the only product on the market that was totally portable, disposable and required no power.

Using our own unique methodology, we created the EasyWarm name to communicate both function and benefit. We positioned it as a portable solution that could travel along the whole ‘patient journey’: it was unique in staying with the patient before, during and after surgery.

Using simple messaging and metaphors, our promotional campaign highlighted
EasyWarm’s physical attributes, showcasing its ‘jigsaw piece’ shape and communicating it as the ‘perfect fit...’

This concept was applied across a broad range of collateral, from print to online advertising.


The launch was incredibly well-received: the simplicity of the campaign ensured global reach beyond expectations.

It was easy-to-understand in all regions in which it was launched as well as online, where the accompanying online advertising particularly resonated.

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