Embrace and Troy Asset Management

How Embrace is helping to reposition this asset management brand

Troy Asset Management was established by the late Lord Weinstock and named after his 1979 Epsom Derby winner. As a result, the analogy of horses and racing has always been part of the company’s DNA with the organisation’s motto being ‘stay the distance’. 

Updating the company’s financial services brand initially required creating a distinctive new photo library that used the equine analogy to reflected their positioning. 

We worked with expert animal photographer Tim Platt to create a distinctive photo library featuring a horse photo shoot.

One of our most unusual photo shoots, we had to shortlist horses skilled in equestrian disciplines and ended up visiting Norfolk to work with award-winning horses Sasa and Sish. 

As you can see, the photo shoot was nerve-wracking; not only were we worried about the horses’ unpredictability but they also had to stand for hours under scorching hot (and highly expensive) lights. But we had a coach on hand to guide them in posing, urged on with Polo Mints.

And yes, before you ask, there was a shovel on hand which got a lot of use on the day. 

We will showcase the finished financial services brand identity and website shortly.

Good things come in smaller sizes

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