5 Digital Finds from across the web this week

Embrace's weekly Friday Finds from across the web

Computer vision software has a long way to go. We know it can have trouble recognising even the simplest of images, so it’s little surprise the human face, in all its complexity, is an inevitable stumbling block. But what happens when you intentionally distort a face? In a new project, two artists exploit the technology’s shortcomings to produce wonky-looking portraits that test the limits of facial recognition software. (via Wired)


Greg Miller has been spending some time in wine country recently, renting a cabin from friends. Every morning he sits out on the deck, drinking coffee, reading, and admiring the view, which you can see in the article. In the time he’s been here, the vineyard across the way has turned from sparse and brown to bushy green, and that got him wondering: Whose vineyard is it? What kind of grapes are they growing? Is the wine any good? (via Wired)


Google’s adorable self-driving car prototype hits the road this summer, the tech giant announced last week. Real roads, in the real world. The car has no steering wheel or pedals, so it’s up to the computer to do all the driving. (via Wired)


As more and more of our daily web activity consolidates into the predictable feeds of a few major platforms, it’s always fun to find web stuff that takes advantage of modern browsers in unexpected ways. This little web toy is a great example. It lets you make music just by typing. (via Wired)


To Jay Silver, a banana isn’t just a banana. It’s a piano key or selfie-stick button, or control pad for a video game. Really, in Silver’s world you can turn anything into almost anything, so long as you have an alligator clip, some sensors, and an imagination. (via Wired)

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