2014: Year In Review

Embrace Managing Director Simon Davies looks back at the year that was… 

Highlight of the year: 
Opening the Embrace office in South Africa has been a real highlight for me because of the level of talent, opportunities and knowledge we’re now able to harness. And it’s really exciting as a result to see ourselves as more global in outlook. 

Challenge of the year: 
We’ve been working on our 2020 vision this year, positioning ourselves as less reactive supplier more proactive partner. Any change in strategy and approach is always going to be challenging as you have to get the backing of everyone and make sure everything is in alignment. Having said that, it’s how we plan to live this approach is what will make 2015 truly exciting. 
Proud moment of the year: 
I’m really proud of the healthcare work we’ve completed this year, especially the Believe campaign for Mölnlycke. It was brilliant to be able to work on something that was so powerful for one of our clients.   

Favourite creative work of the year: 
Major Players. We’ve always collaborated well with the recruitment agency and work in the right direction together so to do the rebrand and see it fly was especially rewarding – especially so, when you know you’re being judged on it by your industry peers! 

Favourite digital work of the year:
The work we’re doing on iPad sales tools to support sales teams, work into CRM and sync with campaign messages for Mölnlycke is still in development. But it’s very exciting to be using digital in a pioneering way and which is particularly revolutionary within an industry like healthcare. 

Learning from 2014: 
For me, it’s being reminded that what makes a great business is having really talented and focused people, not necessarily working within a traditional structure. A great business is all about the people, those that work in it and those that buy its services. 

What to look forward to in 2015: 
Turning the heat up.

Open position: Studio & Client Services Administrator

We’ve moved just over the bridge from Clerkenwell to Bankside

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